A fresh approach for franchise accreditation

The AFA was set up in 2012 to support the rapidly growing UK Franchise Industry. We believe that, by providing accreditation and membership to every type of organisation, big or small, we can help grow the franchise industry and businesses throughout the UK. Set up as a self-regulatory, voluntary body,  we exist to serve our members, future franchisees and the franchise industry in general.

Like you, we have big plans to develop and expand our reach. Over the last year we have grown and, this year alone, we doubled our membership numbers, as well as launching our regional support meetings in Bournemouth, Manchester, Northampton, Exeter, York and Milton Keynes. In 2019 we will be holding our first Annual Conference where we will announce our exciting new Franchise Awards.

We work within a framework known as Core Values. These values and principles ensure that everything we do is in the very best interest of our members and the Franchise Industry in general. These values include:

Ethical Franchising
The AFA has adopted the Code of Ethics from the European Franchise Federation and undertakes not to change or adapt it in any manner.
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Open Communication
The greatest challenge in our modern world is to avoid information overload. We have a clear communication policy and take pride in offering our members clear, concise and relevant communications in a timely manner.

Quality Accreditation
In order to become a member of the AFA, franchisors must satisfy our criteria to prove that their business is sustainable, ethical and shared. These principles apply to franchisors seeking membership and underpin our entire accreditation process. We expect franchisors to be able to demonstrate how they meet these standards and provide evidence, where appropriate.

Potential members must be able to demonstrate demand for their products and services, along with proven financial success that can support a franchise network.

All members need to prove that they adhere to the principles outlined in the above pdf.

The franchisor needs to demonstrate that they have a system in place to facilitate the exchange of all information relating to knowledge, operation and the initial proposition with their franchisees.

We promote and actively encourage effective partnership between members, organisations and individuals, so that they work together in a mutually supportive manner that will benefit the Franchise Industry as a whole.

Quality Accreditation

The AFA provides the Franchise Industry within the United Kingdom with a voluntary, self-regulatory body; serving its members, potential new franchisees and the industry as a whole.

Ethical Values

Our Ethical Practises

Our Values & Principles ensure our organisation remains focused and driven to our collective objectives, surrounding the growth, development and awareness of the Franchise Industry within the United Kingdom.

Support and Information


Whether you are seeking a franchise opportunity or are an existing franchisor, the AFA provides you with guidance, support and straightforward advice.



We are committed to supporting the collective franchising community and ultimately contributing to the development of the UK franchising industry.

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