A lot can change in a year… Alchemy VA in conversation with Sarah Damani.

A lot can change in a year…


Join Suzy Sanders, Founder of Alchemy Virtual Assistance, in honouring, celebrating and sharing empowering, challenging and inspiring real stories of the fast-paced, turbulent roller-coaster ride of self-employment.

Raw, honest and unfiltered.

The process of starting and growing a business isn’t always simple, straight forward or easy!


The abundant possibilities of what the coming year will hold is what is keeps our heads in the clouds and our feet firmly on the ground.


And that is exactly what we’re here to honour – the battles lost and won, personal and practical and the infinite entrepreneurial possibilities…


Join us, let’s dive in and chat with Sarah Damani, Executive Alchemy VA Hub Manager…




A little more about Sarah…


Sarah Damani runs a successful Alchemy VA Franchise Hub where she supports multiple business owners with their PA, marketing and administration under the trusted and award-winning Alchemy brand.


Sarah joined the Alchemy VA family back in December 2019 – three months before COVID hit – and has truly risen above the challenges of the pandemic to achieve remarkable business success in just 12 months.


With her wealth of experience in high street retail, marketing, finance, planning, merchandising, and having worked as a small business advisor during her career, Sarah has already reached the highest rung on the Alchemy VA franchise development framework. She has also recruited a small team of handpicked, high calibre virtual assistants to help her manage her increasing workload, renovated a tailor-made home office space, left her job as a business advisor to focus entirely on growing her Alchemy VA Franchise Hub, and was a finalist in the ‘Rising Star’ category in the PA Life Star Awards 2020 programme.

As a part-time firefighter, cross-fit enthusiast and proud mother of two, Sarah never shies away from exploring new opportunities. She says her determination, thrill-seeking attitude and unwavering support and backing of Alchemy VA will keep her continually striving for more...



Get in touch with Sarah to learn more about what makes her team’s Virtual Assistant services for entrepreneurs and small enterprising businesses so impactful.



01257 733192


Or to discover more about our Virtual Assistant franchise opportunities, please get in touch with the Alchemy VA team.



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