An interview with Business Live UK, Sponsor of the Outstanding Franchise Marketing Award

Chloe Evans, Operations Director, explains

As you all know by now, the AFA Awards take place on Thursday 19th September and we’re all very much looking forward to a night of celebrating franchising excellence!

In this blog, we catch up with Chloe Evans, Operations Director of Business Live UK, a valued AFA Partner Member and sponsor of the Outstanding Franchise Marketing Award, to find out about their business and why they chose to get involved with the Awards.

Question: Please can you tell us about your business and the products and services you provide?

Chloe: Essentially, Business Live UK is a marketing organisation that helps businesses increase productivity and achieve better results. For the past fifteen years, we’ve been best known for our business events. Many businesses have a lot of wisdom to impart but are not sure how to put that across. Our role is to work with them to conceptualise an event idea, which will effectively bring all their prospective clientele into one room. This is not designed to be a hard sell, but an educational event, where people who want to learn more can access the expert advice they require. Once they meet in person, it builds credibility and trust, which makes it easier to form a relationship, particularly as 55% of communication is via body language, so meeting face-to-face certainly helps when it comes to closing business.

For example, at the moment we’re working on an event with Bannatyne, the health club and spa in Milton Keynes, on an event that’s focused on wellbeing in the workplace. Targeted at business owners, HR Managers and team managers, the aim is to teach them how to restore that balance, not only for their team, but themselves, to make sure they’re looking after their teams, recognising mental health signs etc. The underlying reason for holding this event is not only to showcase Bannatyne’s facilities, but also let them know that Bannatyne offers a range of spa packages that they can use to incentivise their staff. The end goal of the event is obviously to sell these packages but, in order to fill the room, there has to be educational value in it for attendees.

On the digital marketing side, we also bring that personal approach in. For example, we do a lot of direct messaging. Most digital agencies will use mass sharing software and post blogs etc., but don’t directly or actively engage with their ideal target market. They won’t do anything invasive, but we find that’s the best way to get results.

We have a huge database that’s been built via our own events. This is our funnel filler and proves that event marketing works. We’re currently organising a large scale conference and exhibition next June, with 3000 delegates expected to attend. Through doing events like this and handling the data, which we’ve been doing for the last ten to fifteen years, we’ve built up a huge network of businesses, which helps when it comes to hosting events for our clients.

Question: What is your involvement with the AFA? How do you plan to support the AFA moving forward?

 Chloe: We are brand new Partner Members, and have already started to refer any businesses to the AFA who express an interest in franchising. Obviously, we’re sponsoring the Awards as well. I feel the best way we can support the AFA, moving forward, is to continue to pass on any leads we receive, and also raise the AFA’s profile to our own network, to make sure people are aware of who they are and what they do. We will also attend their regular regional meet ups to network within the franchise sector.

Question: What influenced your decision to join the AFA?

Chloe: We joined the AFA to provide franchisors and franchisees with a unique marketing solution to generate new business. We can also help franchisors attract franchisees using our events solutions. Another reason for joining the AFA is that, eventually, we want to franchise our own business. Our Director, Victoria Beale, has known Claire for a long time and was keen to get involved with the AFA, as she believes there is a lot of synergy between our two organisations. We want to continue to support their funnel by passing over any potential franchisors to them and then, eventually, when we’re in the same position, we will look to the AFA for advice and guidance.

Question: Why did you decide to sponsor the AFA Awards?

Chloe: We are interested in meeting the other AFA partners and members and see it as a fantastic networking opportunity. It’s the chance to connect with other businesses who may be interested in the services we offer. We’re all about business, so want to be a part of anything that celebrates successful businesses and recognises their achievements.

Question: Which Award are you sponsoring and what particularly excites you about this category?

Chloe: We are highly honoured to be given the opportunity to sponsor the Outstanding Franchise Marketing Award. We chose this one as it’s the most relevant one for us, being a marketing business. It will be exciting to see who actually wins the Award, and learn more about how they have been marketing their business so successfully!

Question: What are you most looking forward to on the night?

Chloe: Obviously presenting our Award, which I think will be doing myself, so I’m really excited about that! My colleague, our Director and I are all attending and we’re very much looking forward to networking with new business contacts, finding out exactly what they do and learning from them.

We would like to thank Business Live UK for their support of the AFA Awards and look forward to welcoming them to the event on the night.

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