An interview with Daltons Business, Sponsor of the AFA Outstanding Young Franchisee Award

Nick Stroffolino, Senior Commercial Manager, explains how Daltons Business works with the AFA and why they made the decision to sponsor an Award

The AFA Awards are nearly upon us and we at the AFA can’t wait to celebrate true, franchising excellence with our fantastic members, partners and the entire franchising community.

In this next blog in our series about the Awards, which take place on Thursday 19th September, we speak to Nick Stroffolino, Senior Commercial Manager at Daltons Business. Daltons Business is sponsoring the Outstanding Young Franchisee Award.

Question: Please can you tell us about your business and the products and services you provide?

Nick: Daltons is the UK’s largest online marketplace for buying and selling businesses and franchises. On a monthly basis, we attract around 500,000 unique users to our website who are seeking to buy a business or franchise, or are looking for investment opportunities. At any one time, you’ll find around 26,000 businesses for sale on our website, including around 150 franchises, as well as many other investment opportunities. We also offer other services such as banner advertising, e-marketing and various, social media channels that are very popular with our customers.

Question: What is your involvement with the AFA? How do you plan to support the AFA moving forward?

Nick: We’ve actually been involved with the AFA since it was first founded. When the AFA was launched, the thought behind it was to offer a credible alternative association for smaller franchisors, which we felt was very much needed in the sector.

We’re a Partner Member and currently offer discounted advertising on our site to AFA members. Moving forward, we intend to do as much as possible to work closely with the AFA and ensure a mutually beneficial relationship. There’s a lot more we could be doing and our decision to sponsor an award is just the first step towards playing a more active role within the AFA.

We’re currently promoting the AFA Awards on our social media channels and would love to explore further opportunities to work more closely to raise our profile with the other members and our fellow partners, plus help to promote the benefits of the AFA to our own customers.

Question: What influenced your decision to join the AFA?

Nick: We already have a great standing with the ‘businesses for sale’ sector but, when you think about the number of franchise opportunities out there, there’s a lot more we could be doing. We do work with a number of franchises but the sector is massive, contributing £17 billion to the UK economy.

AFA membership is a great way to raise your business’s profile within the franchising sector and that was a major factor in our decision to join. The AFA’s membership has grown exponentially in recent times, so that proves to us that we’re not the only ones who firmly believe in the concept. The brand is growing and will continue to do so, and we really want to be a part of that.

Question: Why did you decide to sponsor the AFA Awards?

Nick: Many reasons, really. Firstly, it’s a great branding exercise for us. The AFA is an organisation we intend to support to the best of our ability. I truly believe there’s no better way to promote your own brand than through face-to-face events. Having the opportunity to meet people directly at an event we’re sponsoring will raise our profile and expand our network.

Question: Which Award are you sponsoring and what particularly excites you about this category?

Nick: We are sponsoring the Outstanding Young Franchisee Award. We decided that it was a really valuable Award to support as it’s not just about now; it’s about the future and these young franchisees ARE the future. They will also set an example to further new franchisees coming on board and ensure the continuity and healthy growth of the sector.

Question: What are you most looking forward to on the night?

Nick: I’m especially looking forward to meeting the nominees for our Award and hearing their success stories. The fact that they’re so young and yet already have such an amazing understanding of business really blows me away! I’m very keen to meet the franchisors who will be there too, as it will be a great networking opportunity for us. I hope to meet franchisors who haven’t had the chance to work with us before, but have AFA membership in common with us.

There are four of us from Daltons attending the event and I’m really looking forward to taking my colleagues on a lovely night out, where they’ll have a chance to get out of the office and enjoy themselves! Obviously, they’ll also be able to do some networking and meet other members and partners too, which will be great for all of us.

We would like to thank Daltons Business for their support of the AFA Awards and look forward to welcoming them to the event on the night.

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