An interview with The Office Genie, Sponsor of the Best Franchise Support Award

Jacqui Frost, Chief Genie and Deliverer of Wishes, explains why she chose to cast some Genie magic on the AFA Awards

The AFA Awards event, taking place on Thursday 19th Sept, promises to be spectacular and truly magical, particularly with the involvement of The Office Genie, our valued Partner Member.

The AFA enjoys an extremely close partnership with The Office Genie and is delighted that they have chosen to sponsor the Best Franchise Support Award.

Question: Please can you tell us about your business and the products and services you provide?

Jacqui: We’ve been established for fourteen years now. Our main focus is on offering a high quality customer service, helping our clients to wow their existing and potential customers. So for us, it’s about delivering happiness by creating magical moments with every interaction! We’re not a corporate or a call centre; we’re a small team that provides excellent support to our customers and we aim to differentiate ourselves through our enchanting personality!

We can help with many different areas of customer services, from helping people divert their phones to their mobiles and liaising with phone providers to get diverts in place, to answering their calls, taking messages and making appointments for them.

Question: What is your involvement with the AFA? How do you plan to support the AFA moving forward?

Jacqui: We’re a Partner Member of the AFA and also support them by providing their call answering service. We’ve been to a few of the regional meetings and have hosted some of the recent Midlands ones. We aim to offer our fellow members advice on the customer service side, best practices and hints and tips etc. A lot of organisations just don’t give this important area of the business enough priority!

Moving forward, the AFA is setting up regional partnerships and we will be working with another Partner Member, 4×4 Vehicle Hire in Leicester, to plan our regional meetings next year. These meetings will be incredibly beneficial for us to learn more about the franchising sector and confirm exactly what they need in terms of support.

Question: What influenced your decision to join the AFA?

Jacqui: I’d already attended a few franchise shows, as we knew this was a sector we should be targeting. When Claire took over the AFA, she knew we already supported a few franchises, so asked us if we’d like to get involved. I realised that if you want clients in a certain sector, you need to be where they are, so you can show them exactly who you are and how they can benefit from your services. The franchising sector is definitely one of our niches, so it made total sense to join.

Question: Why did you decide to sponsor the AFA Awards?

Jacqui: The franchise owners and the franchisees will all be there and for me, it’s about raising our profile as a company, demonstrating our commitment to the sector and being seen by our potential target market.

Question: Which Award are you sponsoring and what particularly excites you about this category?

Jacqui: I specifically requested to sponsor the Best Franchise Support Award as we’re all about support, after all! I felt it would be a great opportunity to understand how other businesses are supporting the franchising sector and see where they might need help, as well as getting new ideas and gaining a better understanding of the support mechanisms that are in place, so we can perhaps position ourselves more effectively.

Some of the presentations we received from the nominees contained some fantastic ideas that should be shared, and has given me a huge insight into best practices.

Question: What are you most looking forward to on the night?

Jacqui: Well, I’m  actually co-presenting our Award with our ‘Making It Happen Genie’ (or Operations Manager, in corporate-speak), Sarah Stokes.  She is attending with me as my plus one, and I’m more than happy to pass the glory of making a speech over to her whilst co-present the Awards themselves!!

I’m also looking forward to seeing some of our clients who will be there, as well as meeting the Award nominees and hearing their success stories. I know there will be lots of people there who I’ve spoken to but never actually met, so it will be a great networking opportunity for me too.

We would like to thank The Office Genie for their support of the AFA Awards and look forward to welcoming them to the event on the night.

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