Becoming a Business Owner with The WPA Healthcare Practice

The WPA Healthcare Practice have a team of around 90 Healthcare Partners (franchisees) who work to advise, promote, and tailor Western Provident Association (WPA) health insurance plans to meet customers exact needs.  They help to provide access to remote GP services, Health and Wellbeing support as well as an extensive choice of hospitals and specialists throughout the UK – ensuring customers receive the very best quality of care when they need it the most.   

Franchising since 2006, the WPA Healthcare Practice has an established and proven framework which sees Partners become active members of their local communities and professional networks.  The flexibility of the franchise model means that Partners can successfully run their businesses from any location through utilizing online networking and secure IT systems.

For many, the thought of starting your own business can be daunting.  However, the WPA Healthcare Practice give you access to unrivalled training, marketing, and support to make your new business a success. Alex Budd, a WPA Healthcare Partner, talks about the transition he made just under three years ago:

What attracted you to become a Healthcare Partner?

I had previously met several Healthcare Partners when I was working in Business Development for a training company. The big thing which I took away was everybody was positive and that can be quite unusual when you’re working for a corporate firm. It stood out that the Partners were ethical and very customer focused, it had a nice feel about it.   Then I said, you know what? I quite like the sound of this.

What were your main considerations before becoming a Healthcare Partner?

When starting a business, you need to be aware of your overheads and being a Partner, your ongoing overheads are very low.  You can work from home, you have central support, and the marketing budget for the first 2 years really helped with promoting my business. I really like that I own my business but also have this support when I need it, especially when I was first starting out.

What support have you had from the WPA Healthcare Practice?

The franchise support package from Head Office is completely set up for you to hit the ground running and be a success.  You have IT support, marketing support, and a mentor. These are all things that are built into the Healthcare Partner package. Everything is there to help you succeed.  Everything is tried and tested, you are not stepping into the unknown.  It was a very easy transition from my employed life to becoming a Healthcare Partner.


What do you like most about being a Healthcare Partner?

For me, being a Healthcare Partner is like a hybrid, you are working with an experienced company, but you are also self-employed and run your own business. That provides me with flexibility to spend more time with my children, attending sports days, being around in the school holidays, all with the backing of a large and very well-respected company.

The Healthcare Practice Support Package:

  • £15,000 Guaranteed Fee scheme; a fund designed to assist you through the first two years of business (available if you take on a new practice with no existing client base)
  • £3,000 marketing budget to help you promote your practice
  • An experienced local mentor
  • Ongoing membership to the Chartered Insurance Institute
  • Enhanced remuneration on individual healthcare policies sold within the first two years of your business
  • Initial and ongoing compliance, product, and IT training
  • Comprehensive central Head Office support

If you are interested in becoming a business owner and understanding more about the opportunity the support package provides, please contact us here:


Website:  Become a Healthcare Partner | Healthcare Practice

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