Debutots Franchisee Acquires Another Territory

Despite the global pandemic, Steve Rawlings from Mid-Sussex has become the first Debutots multi-territory owner and will be operating part of his business on a management level with the help of existing, loyal staff.

After just 1 year as a Debutots Franchisee Steve has acquired an established Debutots franchise, from Ellie Sareen who owned Debutots Brighton and Hove for 11 years, to add to his growing company.


Steve said ​“I am very excited about the opportunities this is going to present. I went over many possible scenarios and realise that there is an element of risk (when isn’t there?), but I believe that having ‘dipped’ my toe in my current territory, the demand that is here and the recognition of the value of Debutots in the industry, the opportunities far outweigh the risks. I am very much looking forward to building this region. I have to say, as well, that the confidence to take this on is bolstered significantly by the central and ancillary support that is given from Debutots Head Office.”

Ellie, who is taking a career break is excited that her business is in safe hands “​Debutots has been so great for me. It’s been amazing to have such a lovely creative and empowering job that slotted so easily in and around my family. I am thrilled to have sold the business to Steve who I just know is going to be utterly great and breathe new life into Debutots Brighton and Hove.”


Charlotte from Debutots Head Office said “In just one year Steve’s work ethic, ambition and drive have proven him to be more than capable of expanding his business quickly. The Debutots franchise network is a strong and supportive team and everyone is so excited for Steve.”


As well as re-starting existing bookings, Steve is taking new bookings from parents, nurseries and schools. He can be contacted via email:

About Debutots:


Debutots was founded in 2003 and franchised in 2007. Original Debutots stories are at the heart of the unique interactive storytelling and dramatic play classes for children aged six months to seven years. With a three-year rolling curriculum children enjoy a new class each week.


Franchisees benefit from a diverse and stable customer base. The Debutots curriculum is linked to the national curricula in the UK and accompanying resources make this hugely popular with nurseries, schools, childminders, children’s centres and parents all looking to enrich their children’s early language and literacy experiences.


CPD training is available for staff to improve story time.

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