Do you love animals and would like to run a business based around your passion?

This week, I would like to tell you about Scamps & Champs, an AFA member that provides a wide range of pet services to local communities.

From dog-walking to home-boarding and pet-sitting, Scamps & Champs provide flexible, regular or ad hoc services that are tailored to customers’ requirements. Whether you would like to work full or part-time, Scamps & Champs will complement your lifestyle, allowing you to scale your business and become profitable at your own pace, thereby helping you to achieve the work / life balance you desire.

Investment: £9,995
Opportunity: UK
Sector: Pet Services

Why Scamps & Champs?

The UK pet population has been growing rapidly over the last decade. There are now over 57 million pets, which accounts for 40% of UK households who own a pet!  As people are working longer hours than ever and find themselves with less time to devote to their animals, Scamps & Champs’s services have become an essential part of pet ownership. In addition to this, pet owners need to know that, if they are ever away on holiday or for work, their cherished animals will be well cared for in their absence. With an established brand behind you, clients will feel more reassured that their pets are in the best possible hands, and you will have a prime opportunity to become the number one pet services brand within your local community.

Scamps & Champs is a family business, operated by Lesley Regan and her partner, John. Prior to starting her own business, Lesley worked full time as a PA and always felt guilty leaving her dogs alone all day. They both also hated leaving them at holiday time. Lesley and John started the business in the Stockport area in 2009 and now have six branches in the UK. They franchised the company four years ago and their franchisees are all part of the Scamps & Champs family.

Every Scamps & Champs franchisee receives a full training and support package to help them get up and running as quickly as possible. With an initial, three-day training programme, franchisees can feel confident that they will know exactly what they’re doing from Day One.

And it doesn’t stop there! Support is available on an ongoing basis, not only from Head Office but also from their franchisee network, which can be called upon whenever you have queries or need advice. Scamps & Champs encourages their franchisees to support and help each other as much as possible, so they can benefit from each other’s experience and knowledge.

As a Scamps & Champs franchisee, you will also receive the opportunity to achieve an official qualification in pet-sitting, dog-walking and home-boarding. This will give you the edge over your local competition and provide even more reassurance to your clients that their pets will be well cared for in their absence.

What are the benefits?

A Scamps & Champs franchise offers a ready-to-go business that includes:

  • An exclusive territory
  • Full training on all aspects of running a Scamps & Champs franchise and permanent, ongoing support
  • Operations and resource manual
  • Stationery and branded clothing
  • A dedicated and integrated web presence and email
  • Automated software to help you run your business and save you time
  • Sign writing for your car or van, to raise your profile in your local area

…and much more!

Scamps & Champs is always looking for hard-working franchisees with a passion for animals. If you think you fit the bill, please contact Lesley Regan at Head Office:

Tel:   0161 612 3811

Until next time,
Claire Robinson

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