E-Learning For AFA Members And Franchisees A partnership with Induction Junction …

We are delighted to announce that the AFA has confirmed a partnership with Induction Junction and with immediate effect will be offering a new AFA member and franchisee e-learning service …

We are very pleased to be working with Induction Junction to offer e-learning courses! copyright: enciktep / 123rf stock photo (licensee)


The e-learning service has been designed to provide a facility to those wishing to offer and record the completion of web-based courses in topics spanning health and safety, compliance and people management.

In launching the programme, Claire Robinson, CEO of the Approved Franchise Association said, “I am delighted to share the new e-learning programme with our members. It has been constructed for the AFA, for members and partner members to use within their business or for their franchisees.

Initially, the programme focuses on a dozen titles to encourage businesses to access learning material that includes risk assessment, fraud awareness, data protection, information security, interviewing skills, handling sickness absence and challenging conversations.

“All of which are accessible, recordable and certifiable through the AFA’s new e-learning portal!”


Hazel Langley, Managing Director of Induction Junction said, “I am immensely proud of the individual services we offer to membership bodies, training providers and businesses and am very much looking forward to supporting the AFA’s members to embrace e-learning and improve knowledge and confidence in a range of business critical areas which are often overlooked until it’s too late.

As a digital learning broker, Induction Junction is ideally placed to put together programmes such as this across a varied range of solutions; anything from an off the shelf course through developing bespoke animated courses to cutting edge virtual and augmented reality.

AFA members can download the catalogue of courses by clicking here and enquire or place orders directly with Hazel by calling on 0333 358 3084. You can also make contact via their website if preferred.

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P.S: Why not visit www.theafa.org.uk and find out more?

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