Fantastic Services is paying it forward by opening up their exclusive online training to all

The UK’s leading property-maintenance company is making its custom-built training platform available to everyone. In the light of recent events, the company supported thousands of essential workers and struggling businesses by delivering free cleaning to the UK’s essential workers and developing new antiviral services for commercial clients. Along with that, to mark their 11th anniversary, Fantastic Services decided to empower all the people who lost their job during the economic turmoil, as well as those who gained motivation to start a new business.

“Since the beginning of 2020, we’re being splashed with love and hope by our fantastic community, so we feel like we need to do the same. Despite the tough year, for our anniversary, we are giving away our 11-years’ worth of knowledge and experience, sharing our do’s and don’ts, and passing our fantastic know-how by making the Fantastic Academy available to everybody who is motivated to start a new chapter of their lives,” said Anton Skarlatov, co-founder and CEO of the company.


The company stated that they’re not doing this for pure profit but to build sustainable ways of people to learn new skills and make a living. “Supporting people to establish more businesses and successful careers is the main purpose of this project,” added Mr Skarlatov.

Giving back to society


“Job seeking and starting a new business is hard enough. Add uncertain economy, coronavirus crisis, home quarantines and hiring freezes, and starting and managing a thriving business looks even more difficult,” explained co-founder and Board Chair Rune Sovndahl.


Since the COVID-19 outbreak, the innovative thinkers behind the franchise company have created new services, adapted the traditional ones and expanded their business into more than 10 new territories. Their ultimate training, contemporary business model and recognisable name made them one of the fastest-growing franchises in the UK.


Established 11 years ago, in the middle of a recession, Fantastic Services has a long history of tunnelling around obstacles and finding new opportunities on the other side: “Our secret is that we always put people first – our customers, our franchisees, our specialists, and now everyone who wants to learn the essential steps of running a property-maintenance business,” explained Rune Sovndahl.


What is Fantastic Academy?

Fantastic Academy is an online platform that offers full training for individuals and companies that are looking to develop their professional and business skills. Initially designed to train and onboard new franchisees of Fantastic Services, the platform includes various service-performance and business-managing courses.


There are different packages that can fit everyone’s field of expertise and future goals. Their Business Course is ideal for people who are about to open a home-services company, as well as the ones who want to take their existing cleaning business to new heights. For the individuals who want to level-up their professional skills and provide outstanding services, the Fantastic Academy provides service packages.

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About Fantastic Services


Fantastic Services is London’s leading provider of cleaning services and a global cleaning franchise, operating on three continents and serving over 50,000 customers per month. They’ve trained more than 500 franchisees and thousands of professionals. The Fantastic Academy online course combines great expertise, 11-years of experience, proven methods and business knowledge.


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