Fantastic Services wins in the prestigious Franchise Innovation Awards

The property-services company, Fantastic Services, was announced a winner in the 2020 Franchise Innovation Awards in Most Innovative Service Introduction category of the Product & Services Innovation Awards.

The multi-service franchise company did the impossible to fight the economic turmoil that COVID-19 has wrought. They developed brand-new services in less than two weeks – Antiviral Sanitisation, Minimal Contact service, Emergency Services and the so-called We Do Any Chore service. This way, for the last three months, the company signed more than 10 new Area Development Franchise contracts.


“We knew that the traditional way of delivering our services would no longer be feasible, and people would have extra needs. By focusing on the “new normal”, we launched a couple of new services, tailored to our customers’ needs. It turned out to be a huge success,” shared Rune Sovndahl, co-founder of Fantastic Services.

The goal of the awards is to recognise the franchises that are implementing the most successful innovation strategies.


The Franchise Innovation Awards are being organised by Franchise Update Media – a trusted resource for the franchise industry that has been a leader in providing valuable information to franchisors, franchisees and franchise prospects for the last 30 years. Their focus is to create an environment where customers can learn, find new business opportunities, network and be inspired by their peers.


“We are very inspired by each nominated company in this year’s awards. We believe that there’re some remarkably powerful minds in the franchise industry and we are thrilled to share information and experience with such innovative brands and the people behind them,”  added Rune Sovndahl.

Fantastic Services inspired the whole franchise industry by bringing creativity, hustle and innovative thinking to their work.


“Adaptation has an element of predictability. Three months ago, we saw the crisis coming. One thing we knew for sure was that adaptation is key. Since the well-being of our customers and franchisees has always been of an utmost priority for us, we started looking for a mutually-beneficial way to support both,” explained Anton Skarlatov, co-founder and CEO of the company.


 A couple of weeks later, their franchisees were already providing Antiviral Sanitisation Service to their customers in London. Not so later on, they conquered the British and the Australian markets.


“Firstly, we can proudly say that we contributed and we continue to contribute to minimising the spread of COVID-19. Secondly, we proudly keep our franchisees’ schedules full, so that they can support themselves and their families. And finally, we protect our customers by reducing the risk of viral infections,” stated Mr Skarlatov.


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