Introducing The Office Genie

I’ve personally used The Office Genie for many years. The virtual reception service they offer is actually a part of the Extra Help franchisee package. They recently came on board as an AFA partner. The Office Genie provides many services, but there are two in particular you should be thinking about for yourself and your franchisees.

Award-Winning Call Handling

This is the virtual reception service I mentioned. I use this myself for Extra Help, and it’s a great benefit. The Genies take the calls for myself, Extra Help head office, and all the franchisees. It lets us concentrate on our work or go out on appointments safe in the knowledge that there’s a professional answering the phone on our behalf.

How it works is that you can set your desk phones or mobiles (or both) to divert calls to a special number provided by The Office Genie. You choose how that works, so you might want to divert all calls, or only divert calls when your line is engaged, or only divert calls after a certain number of rings.

That diverted call then rings through to The Office Genie where it’s answered by a highly-trained Genie. Their clever software puts all the details you provided, such as a greeting, answers to frequently asked questions, appointment times, and so on right there on that Genie’s screen. They handle the call exactly as a member of staff would, then transfer the call or pass on relevant messages s you’ve requested via text or email.

I reason I use this service for Extra Help and our franchisees and the biggest benefit is that it ensures a consistently high-quality service across your brand at all times.

Five Star Virtual Assistants

This is another service that can be very useful to franchisors and franchisees. The CPD-accredited team at The Office Genie can do a variety of admin or secretarial work on your behalf. Basically, everything except make you a cup of tea.

The reason this can be such a benefit is that it frees up your time to work on your business. Instead of working in your business. If you’re tied up all hours of the day processing invoices, proofreading, and rummaging in your inbox, you can’t be the business owner that you need to be.

They sum it up by saying “as the business owner, you should be doing the £100 an hour work not the £10 an hour work”. I think that about says it all. This might even be work you enjoy. You might enjoy proofreading, but it’s not the most profitable use of your time.

The Office Genie are really fantastic. I encourage you to give them a call and find out for yourself. I’m sure if you tell them Claire sent you they’ll find you a special offer.

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