Making Your New Year’s Business Resolutions Now It’s time to start planning your 2018 strategy …

As we all know, the New Year is usually the time when people make resolutions, whether it’s business-related, such as finding more franchisees, or a personal resolution, like losing weight …

Whatever your resolutions for 2018, now is the time to get planning!

Although you might think it’s too early to start thinking about New Year’s resolutions, if you start planning now you’ll be ready to go when January arrives.

“As soon as you return to the office after Christmas you can start putting your plans into action!”


Personally, I always find that putting a business strategy in place for the whole year allows me to stay more focused. Spending the last two months of the year reflecting on how your business has performed can help you achieve your long-term goals.

Now is the time to deal with those lingering issues that you haven’t had a chance to address, think about any new ideas for your business and decide how you will implement them.

It’s also the ideal time to review your support system, including your training programmes and the way you share skills and information. Are you in regular contact with your franchisees and are they being supported efficiently by your head office team?

Gaining franchisee feedback now will help you to maintain your standards and ensure your franchisees’ ongoing passion for your business. Smith and Henderson carry out their Franchise Satisfaction Benchmark survey each year, this is a survey for your franchisees, it’s quick and easy to fill in and you could be shortlisted for their Best Franchise Awards. For more details on this, click here.

It’s not always easy to predict the future or identify potential changes that might affect your business sector, but it’s always worth trying to stay on top of any pending legislation and new market trends.

It’s also essential to keep your eye on the competition. Combining this information with the feedback your franchisees provide will identify any issues that need to be addressed and will set you apart from your competition.

Your franchisees rely on you to support them and help them to grow their businesses, so act now to ensure you all reap the rewards together in the coming year.

And, of course, please do remember that the AFA is here to support its members and provide impartial advice and guidance as required. Call us on 01604 532 533to find out more.

Until next time …


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