Member Spotlight: Dor-2-Dor Every home has a letterbox …

Welcome to 2018, and I thought I’d start the year with another member spotlight. This week we focus on AFA member Dor-2-Dor, the leading, leaflet distribution franchise company in the UK …

Every home has a letterbox and Dor-2-Dor lets you be part of this marketing sensation! copyright: dor-2-dor

In 1987, Jeff Frankling, founder of Dor-2-Dor, started a cooperative direct mail service called Zone Marketing. Following its success and the phenomenal growth of the industry, many clients were asking them also to print and deliver their leaflets and advertising materials.

“In response to this, Jeff established DOR-2-DOR!”

He developed it into a full service, door-drop marketing service. The company was franchised and now operates sixty branches across the United Kingdom.

According to Direct Marketing Association (DMA) research, letterbox marketing has grown sharply since 1994, despite the growth of the internet. Letterbox marketing is an essential and effective method of local communication and promotion.

The market in the United Kingdom is worth nearly £1billion with 80% of the UK’s top advertisers using door drops.

There are now more media channels than ever before; with TV, radio, magazines, newspapers and especially the internet grabbing people’s attention. However, there is still only one letterbox, and every single home has one.

Leaflet delivery is a proven method of encouraging your community to shop locally and source business services in the immediate area. It is a very accurate and targeted method of distribution, as customers can be very specific in determining exactly where they want their leaflets delivered … even down to a list of streets.

Dor-2-Dor has developed a professional business model that is easy for franchisees to replicate. The franchise package contains everything needed to start and operate the leaflet delivery business and includes comprehensive training in all aspects of their system.

Their highly-skilled head office team is available to assist with every aspect of developing a successful local business. This includes helping maintain a local online presence and generating hundreds of local leads to help grow the customer base.

The package includes low start-up costs, an exclusive territory based on postcode districts, full access to Dor-2-Dor’s bespoke, workflow software package, professionally designed, branded leaflets, brochures and handouts and much more.

Dor-2-Dor franchisees receive everything they need to build their client base and business in their local area.

If you’re interested to find out more about Dor-2Dor franchise opportunity, please contact their head office on 01582 250000 or visit franchise.dor2dor.comto find out more about them.

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