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Adrian. Northamptonshire.

One of the best value for money franchises you will ever find.


We are Nationwide Cleaners Central Ltd (Reg Co 09922852) This franchise has enabled my wife and I to both give up full time jobs to work from home and earn a comfortable living. We now employ a part time admin lady also so can enjoy more holidays. Far cheaper with a much larger operating area than other cleaning franchises which can be double the cost. Repeat business equals repeat income month after month year after year. Great support whenever you need it though the system is proven and simple to follow. In addition you can develop a leaflet distribution operation generating further income we now have a separate company for this. Monthly franchise fees are well below what other Franchisors charge and is only on the cleaning all profit from leafleting are yours. Selected this franchise in 2015 out of 40 others and we have honestly never looked back.


There are no cons for this Franchise as long as you are prepared to be dedicated, work hard, follow the system you will succeed.

Find out more…. www.theafa.org.uk/members/nationwide-cleaners

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