Why Franchise

The AFA presents a short article on the benefits of franchising.

Why go into business?  There are many reasons why someone would want to go into business for themselves; everyone has their own.  But, whether it is to be their own boss, work hours to suit themselves, fit around family life, fill a market niche, or financial security, there is one factor that everyone wants… SUCCESS.  You may decide to remain a small company, but long-term success in business generally means growth and for sustainable growth, you must expand.  This can be either through additional company-owned operations or through franchising.

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The AFA serves Christmas lunch to the homeless


The lovely Claire and Naomi from the AFA supported a Devon based homeless charity, Shekinah Mission , by helping to prepare, cook and serve Christmas lunch for 100 homeless people in Plymouth.

Claire said “I felt really humbled this morning. I got out of my bed, got in the shower and made myself a cup of tea and some breakfast. It really hit me what I was going to do today and some people who use Shekinah don’t have anything. I had a chat with some of the people at the centre and they really appreciate what has been done for them today”.

The event was also supported by other local businesses and run in association with local networking group the Six O’Clock Club

Clear Brew Annual Conference

approved franchise show clear brew conference

Clear Brew, the beer line cleaning professionals, held their 1st annual conference to support and promote growth for its network of 30 franchised companies located throughout the UK. The conference was a great success and included sales, marketing and product maintenance seminars aimed at further growth and continued sustainability within the Clear Brew team.

It was a fantastic opportunity for all the owner/operators to meet and form positive business relationships with each other. Clear Brew Devon commented “The conference was so inspiring the fire in our bellies we have for Clear Brew has turned into a roar, we have taken on a further employee as business is booming and we are looking forward to next year already.

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Franchise Spotlight

Crispin Rhodes is the fastest growing HR Franchise in the UK, offering Human Resources advice and support to small and medium businesses. Founded by Angela Rhodes in Milton Keynes, the company guides business owners and managers through their HR responsibilities with easy to understand, straight forward advice – and in almost 20 years of trading no client that has followed their advice has ever been successfully taken to an employment tribunal or fallen foul of any HR related minefield.

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A Brief History Of Franchising

Franchising started with Isaac Singer way back in the 19th century!!

Mr Singer wanted to distribute his sewing machines outside his geographical area and provide training on how to use the machines, as people wouldn’t buy them without training and retailers did not provide this service. Mr Singer started selling licenses to people in different parts of the country, this licence gave permission for the owner of that licence to sell and teach people how to use the Singer sewing machine. This bought the use of the sewing machine to the public where before it had only been for commercial use.

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Engineer To Clean Up In Lowestoft

A former engineer has swapped his toolbox for the opportunity to run his own company after starting out in business as a professional oven valeter.

Bob Knight, who previously worked as a telephone engineer for well-known organisations including BT and the Metropolitan Police Service, in a career spanning more than 35 years, is now the owner of Ovenu Lowestoft and Great Yarmouth.

Bob, 56, who lives in Lowestoft, is also a Technical Member of the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET) and was keen to become his own boss, when embarking on a change of direction.

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