Promoting the Health insurance industry through social media

Starting your own franchise is exciting but in today’s climate can also feel a bit daunting. Ben Stickland has been with the WPA Healthcare Practice since 2019 and has built a successful franchise helping companies and individuals find the right WPA Health Insurance plans to meet their exact needs.

The WPA Healthcare Practice has always supported the working from home ethos, giving franchisees the freedom to work the hours that suit their needs and build long-term relationships with clients without restrictions of the office. This has meant that for Ben the transition during the COVID pandemic was smooth and resulted in less travelling and more time to focus on his online presence. This is when Ben really found his feet with social media and wanted to embrace it to sell the benefits of WPA Private Health insurance.
Ben has had huge success promoting his franchise using his social media presence, he says that ‘By using free platforms such as LinkedIn and Instagram my clients can get to know me and WPA. This makes people more comfortable when reaching out to me and gets the WPA name out there so it is always in the back of people’s minds.’
Ben has gained a large amount of new business from social media and posts regular videos about what he does and what WPA can offer.
‘They catch people’s attention. The 10 or 20 second long videos, get the point across visually, quickly and informatively.’
Ben says that having the backing of The WPA Healthcare Practice gives him more time to focus on his social media presence and reach out to new clients.
‘I have so much support, which is fantastic. I’m very grateful every day to be a part of the franchise. I have hundreds of people backing me in Head Office, which isn’t something you usually get when owning your own business.’
The WPA Healthcare Practice offer extensive training and marketing support to its Healthcare Partners. The Healthcare Support Package includes the following:

All businesses throughout the pandemic have undeniably had to change the way that they operate. WPA franchisees have found new ways to grow and develop their businesses and the franchise model has allowed them to adapt to the changing times. They are now, more than ever, helping their communities access the very best healthcare when they need it the most.

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