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Our AFA members offer a fantastic and diverse range of business opportunities and, this week, our blog focuses on a franchise where every day is filled with laughter, music and song! It’s a rewarding business that enables you to provide a valuable service to your community, focusing specifically on mums with babies and toddlers, with an immense feel-good factor.








If you want to run a fun and uplifting business, look no further than Hummy Mummies, the modern, daytime choir for mums-to-be and mums and carers of babies and young children.

What is Hummy Mummies?

Hummy Mummies was founded in 2011 by Richard Swan, who has over twenty years’ experience as a musical director, teacher and musician. A graduate of Goldsmiths’ College, Richard has combined a successful teaching career with numerous, musical projects. He has worked as a co-writer, producer, arranger and choir director, and has run numerous school and community choirs. He is also the founder of London City Voices, a thriving, London-based, community choir and also runs a successful function band.

Richard set up Hummy Mummies in response to a perceived need among his local community of mums for a daytime, musical activity that was focused towards adults rather than children. Hummy Mummies has already been hugely successful in the SE London area, creating a growing number of mums who are passionate about being part of the Hummy Mummies community.

Hummy Mummies gives mums the chance to get out and do something for themselves, without having to worry about childcare, as their children are just as welcome! Children can play while mums and carers enjoy the challenge of singing in three-part harmony within a stress-free environment, without worrying that their child is going to be told off if they make too much noise. Hundreds of mums have relished the challenge of singing in three and four-part harmony, and say they feel de-stressed, energized and uplifted from the joy of singing together at Hummy Mummies sessions.

What does the franchise package include?

The cost of a Hummy Mummies franchise is only £3,950. Rather than charging a percentage of franchisees’ profits, instead they charge a flat, monthly, ongoing management fee of £150, thereby providing you with a fantastic opportunity to grow your business and generate significant profits.

The Hummy Mummies franchise package is packed full of benefits, including:

  • Low start up fees and an excellent return on investment
  • Your own, exclusive territory, within which you can run unlimited classes
  • Full session leadership training and a detailed Operations Manual
  • Business development support and training, which includes all aspects of running your business, such as registering your company, securing investment, marketing and PR, social media etc.
  • Ongoing access to song arrangements to keep your classes fresh and exciting
  • Intranet for resource access and internal communication
  • Initial advertising, PR and promotional materials to help raise your profile within your community
  • Personalised Hummy Mummies email address

New franchisees wanted for exceptional business opportunity

Hummy Mummies is now starting to grow their business by using a franchise model, and are, therefore, looking for driven and motivated individuals to become class leaders. This is a prime opportunity to invest in a unique and exciting concept with a proven return on investment.

They are particularly looking for people who are able to lead a choir and looking to build a business around other commitments. The following types of people are particularly suitable for this franchise:

  • Music teachers who want a more flexible work / life balance (with much less paperwork than in schools!)
  • Performers who want more income stability.

To find out more, you can visit or call Catherine Allison at the Hummy Mummies Head Office:
Tel: 07940 519 657

Until next time,
Claire Robinson

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