Nick Templeton franchisee case study

Nick Templeton – free to grow his business faster 

Nick Templeton was struggling to grow his independent web design agency. “I worked very long hours but still hadn’t time to do everything it takes to provide great client service and build a successful business on my own,” says Nick. solved the problem 

Nick invested in a web design franchise, providing itseeze website services around Ashford, Kent.
“Joining has paid off. The head office team of professional designers and developers builds the sites so I can deliver high quality sites while keeping costs down for clients and myself – and I have more time to develop my business.” 
“I sold over 40 sites in my first year with Just going live on one site used to take me a day. Now head office does that, so I saved 40 day’s work in year one alone. I used the time to market my service. 
“Since then I have doubled my clients, and brought many clients from my independent agency into my new business. Now head office handles their site maintenance, which has reduced my time spent on serving them, so I can keep their fees reasonable. 

Lower costs + better service = more growth 

“As a franchisee I can deliver better client service at a lower price than I could have as an independent, and I have time to expand my business. It’s a win for everyone.” 

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