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Are you a marketing professional who’s looking to transfer your skills and run your own website consultancy business?

Opportunity: UK and Ireland
Franchise Type: Web Consultancy
Franchise Fee: £14,000

Franchisees at work

Starting a digital marketing business can be daunting, especially if you’re going it alone. Online marketing is a highly competitive industry and, to have any chance of success, you’ll need to ensure that multiple tasks are covered, such as the initial winning of clients, the design and build of your clients’ websites, technical support and all of the administration tasks involved in running your business. That’s a lot for one person to take on, right?

But what if there was a way to get a website consultancy business up and running immediately, with instant access to a large team of experts who will perform all of these tasks for you, so you can concentrate on finding your clients, winning the business and earning through multiple income streams?

Meet, an AFA member and web consultancy franchise that provides you with the opportunity to become the go-to name in your local area for website design and online marketing. As a franchisee, your role is to promote, consult on and sell unique and affordable website packages to local SMEs, as well as provide ongoing support and advice to your clients and build a long-term client relationship.


What is was founded in 2002 by Joanne Robbins, along with her late husband. In 2003, they saw an opportunity to expand from a graphic design studio into web design and, as editing their own website had been a time-consuming process, they realised that other business owners must be facing the same issues.

With this in mind, they designed a new product that could deliver high performance, professional web design and easy content management, with no additional software required. As a result, they launched the it’seeze website brand in 2005. They quickly acquired a large client base and, in 2008, decided to franchise the brand as, thereby offering it’seeze websites across the UK. Today, there are franchises all over the UK and Ireland and the business continues to thrive and grow.

The franchise package

As a franchisee, you will benefit from the strength of a national business and the independence of a local one. You’ll receive comprehensive training in all aspects of running a successful web consultancy franchise, and even get to shadow an existing franchisee for the day to experience, first-hand, how they run their franchise.

All franchisees receive the following benefits as part of their package:

  • Designated, exclusive territory, so you’ll never have to compete with other franchisees for business
  • GDPR-compliant business database packed with hundreds of local leads
  • Regional website that is regularly updated by an in-house team of designers and an SEO expert
  • All the promotional materials you need to attract new clients, as well as regular, national, marketing campaigns to benefit from
  • Annual conference and online forum to build relationships and share knowledge and experiences with other franchisees
  • Professional CRM system to manage your sales, keep track of customers and automate your marketing activities
  • Business documents covering all aspects of your franchise e.g. financial spreadsheets and marketing / business development plans
  • Twelve month, complimentary membership of two of the UK’s leading networking associations to help grow your business
  • Complimentary laptop, set up with everything you need to manage your franchise.


What can you earn?

Spoton franchisees can earn from three, major income streams:

  • Instant income – you receive the larger share of any initial, website set-up fees and can apply the flexible margin of your choice to any additional customisations
  • Residual income – you earn additional income from all of your clients’ ongoing subscriptions
  • Additional marketing services income – you have the opportunity to cross-sell other marketing services to your clients, thereby enhancing your income even further.

More information

An understanding of IT systems or experience of website design / digital marketing is a distinct advantage in this business, in order to be able to confidently talk about and sell your services. However, the most important quality you need to possess is great people skills, along with the motivation, passion and determination to find and acquire clients.

If you’re ready to start your web consultancy business and would like to earn a healthy income from multiple streams, please get in touch with Alex Brook, Franchise Development Manager TODAY!

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