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Would you like to run a business teaching babies and toddlers to swim, backed by an established brand and all the training you need?

This week, our member spotlight blog focuses on AFA member Turtle Tots, a proven, award-winning, baby and preschool swim school, with over fifty licensees across the UK, Ireland and Australia.

From dog-walking to home-boarding and pet-sitting, Scamps & Champs provide flexible, regular or ad hoc services that are tailored to customers’ requirements. Whether you would like to work full or part-time, Scamps & Champs will complement your lifestyle, allowing you to scale your business and become profitable at your own pace, thereby helping you to achieve the work / life balance you desire.

Investment: £13,000 + VAT
Opportunity: UK
Sector: Children and Education

A fantastic baby-bonding experience

Turtle Tots was originally launched and established in Bristol in 2010 by Gaby Lixton and Caroline Sparks. Having realised how successful and rewarding running a swim school could be, they began to license the business a year later.

Turtle Tots is passionate about promoting water safety and learn-to-swim skills, through their unique and fun-filled classes. Their aim is to create a lifelong love of water and enhance that special bond between parent and child. They also run aqua-natal classes for mums-to-be, providing excellent toning workouts for expectant mums and ensuring long-lasting and sustainable client relationships that start pre-birth and continue right through to preschool.

Why become a Turtle Tots licensee?

As a licensee, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Access to a simple and effective business model that you can follow to grow your business quickly and efficiently
  • Operations documents and access to specialist, bespoke teaching plans, so that you can ensure you provide a superior service to your clients
  • Comprehensive, world-class training programme that will teach you everything you need to know about running a swim school, including marketing and admin training; ten days of intensive training; class shadowing; a boot-camp style, residential course and teaching-assessed lessons
  • Use of a distinctive brand and exclusive rights to a mapped territory
  • Everything you need to get up and running quickly, including email address, web page, leaflets, stationery, branded clothing and merchandise, so you can establish your professional image from Day One
  • Multiple income streams with branded swimwear for you to sell to clients
  • Full flexibility to choose your working hours to suit your lifestyle
  • Pre and post business support, so you will always have access to the advice you need

Turtle Tots licensees can realistically earn £20k+ within one year and £50k+ within three years! So it won’t take long to pay off your initial investment and start generating a healthy profit. And, with hard work and motivation, it is possible to earn even more!

If you like the idea of earning serious money by spending five to seven hours per week in a pool, helping children to swim and promoting a love of water right from birth, please contact Dan Allen at Turtle Tots.

Tel: 01275 462022

Until next time,
Claire Robinson

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