When seeking franchisees to invest in your system, it can be difficult to prove that your business is a worthwhile investment and that you are a franchisor who will provide the ongoing support they need. Your ability to attract potential franchisees depends on your own reputation, and that of the Franchise Industry as a whole.

All potential AFA members undergo an extensive vetting process, which includes a detailed review of your prospectus and marketing material as well as your franchise agreement. We’ll also have in-depth conversations with your franchisor or franchise manager and, in the case of those applying for partner membership, we’ll talk to your franchisees or clients and ask for work history. All of this is to confirm that your franchise offering is ethical, sustainable and transferable. Successful applicants then receive access to the full range of AFA benefits and are permitted to display our Seal of Approval on all marketing material. This gives potential franchisees the added reassurance that their chosen business meets the fundamental requirements of a successful AFA franchise.

Membership options 

Preliminary membership 

We offer a preliminary membership for new franchisors who are just starting out on their franchise journey. For these franchisors, we will carry out the same checks on their business model and gain feedback from any existing franchisees. During their first year of trading, the AFA is available to mentor and support you as required. After one year, you will be eligible for full membership, as long as you have a proven and sustainable business model.

Full franchisor membership

In order to be accepted for full AFA membership and gain our Seal of Approval, each franchisor undergoes rigorous checks to ensure that the business has been trading for longer than one year and accounts have been submitted to Companies House. You must also prove that your business is:

Sustainable – able to demonstrate a demand for the product or service, along with financial success that can support a franchise network

Ethical– needs to abide by the principles documented within the European Code of Ethics for franchising

Transferrable – there must be a system in place to facilitate the exchange of information between the franchisor and franchisee.

7 Step path to accreditation

  1. Make contact, please email if you would like to become accredited.
  2. Once contacted we will arrange a phone call in order for us to better understand your brand and business model.
  3. Marketing material review –you will need to send us copies of your franchise marketing material.
  4. Franchise Agreement Review – your franchise agreement will be reviewed by a leading,franchise-specific legal team.
  5. Interviews with the people in the business – we will conduct interviews with a number of franchisees, some longstanding and some new, to ascertain whether the franchise lives up to expectations and is a true representation of what is being marketed. We will investigate initial training content and ongoing support structures, as well as their general satisfaction.
  6. Agreeing to our terms – we have a terms of agreement document, which outlines what we expect from our members and what they need to comply with – this will be emailed to you for review.
  7. Join our thriving community, come along to our frequent meet-ups, network with your peers and share best practice. Engage our social media audiences with your content and feel supported on your franchise journey.

Our Seal of Approval provides peace of mind for prospective franchisees. They will be reassured that the franchisor’s business has been thoroughly scrutinized by an official body that has a thorough understanding of and passion for the Franchise Industry.


Quality Accreditation

The AFA provides the Franchise Industry within the United Kingdom with a voluntary, self-regulatory body; serving its members, potential new franchisees and the industry as a whole.

Ethical Values

Our Ethical Practises

Our Values & Principles ensure our organisation remains focused and driven to our collective objectives, surrounding the growth, development and awareness of the Franchise Industry within the United Kingdom.

Support and Information


Whether you are seeking a franchise opportunity or are an existing franchisor, the AFA provides you with guidance, support and straightforward advice.



We are committed to supporting the collective franchising community and ultimately contributing to the development of the UK franchising industry.

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