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Graphics and sign writing removal service incorporating the successful Autovaletdirect mobile valeting system.

Autovaletdirect is one of the UK’s leading mobile valeting franchises, independently owned with a proven track record spanning over thirty years and a reputation for service excellence. Autovaletdirect has established a well-respected, successful brand in a lucrative premium service marketplace.

Autovaletdirect offer a dedicated National vehicle graphics and sign writing removal service effectively and efficiently removing all types of vehicle graphics and vehicle wraps with our steam, heat and chemical systems saving fleet owners and businesses of all sizes time and money de-branding their fleet in a safe, clean, professional and cost effective method.

Autovaletdirect have developed techniques and methods of removal that are safe, clean and effective. The process is unavoidably labour intensive and without the expert knowledge and tools, this type of work can become problematic; however our highly trained technicians ensure that the graphics and glue are removed as efficiently as possible along with livery silhouetting and sun bleaching of imagery.

Look around you, how many vehicles do you see in one day sign written or wrapped?

Reports suggest that up to 24,000 people can see a fleet vehicle on the roads in a single working day and industry research suggests more than 3,000 people per hour see a liveried vehicle operating in a busy area so it makes sense to have vehicle livery promoting your business and brand in this cost effective way.

However, at some point in its life the vehicle livery will need to be removed, not an easy job for the amateur! Our service is in high demand.


  • Automotive Corporate Event Valeting Services
  • Diamondbrite Protection Application Services
  • Caravanbrite Protection Application Services
  • Automotive & Property Vinyl Livery removal Services
  • Full Automotive Valeting Services
  • Full Leisure Valeting Services

Incorporating the proven and successful Autovaletdirect mobile valeting system

Along with your Heat, steam and chemical sign writing and wrap removal systems you will also receive a fully equipped Autovaletdirect valeting system ready for you to deliver our popular valeting services in your protected area, being part of a successful and proven network providing professional, top quality valeting services to private and corporate customers in the automotive and leisure sectors along with a rapidly expanding portfolio in the lucrative automotive events sector.


  • Van based operated from home
  • 4 Season business
  • Vinyl graphics and sign writing removal
  • Fully equipped Autovaletdirect valeting system
  • Low overheads
  • Earn up to £1,000 a week
  • Investment from £9,930

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