Dogknows Dog Walking & Training Franchise

Dogknows Dog Care & Training franchise offers dog enthusiasts the perfect pathway to starting a market-leading dog care business and even become a UK accredited dog trainer (if they want to).

Company Overview

When our dog-owning-customers leave for work, they are reassured a trusted Dogknows trained carer is there for their dog, to exercise, socialise, train and care for them. This creates extremely loyal and happy customers – two and four legged!

The Dogknows culture of ‘always putting dogs needs first’ is a simple but important ethos.  Getting everything right for every dog requires an excellent understanding of how dogs behave and communicate, along with practical dog handling skills.

Founder, Bobs Broadbent’s skills lie firmly in reward-based dog training and science balanced animal behaviour so, it’s no surprise that training people to train dogs is something Dogknows excels in.

Everyone at Dogknows has changed their career to work with dogs and it’s a joy to seen franchisees flourish into great dog practitioners and enjoy the personal satisfaction this brings – well, life’s too short to be stuck in a job you don’t enjoy!

Franchise Overview

Dogknows was one of the first professional dog walking companies in London, established in 1999 by Bobs Broadbent, a UK accredited dog trainer. Bobs operated the original Dogknows dog walking business for over 10 years, alongside her dog training and behaviour consultancy.

Dealing with pet dog problems and recognizing that many could be avoided, Bobs set about creating purposeful dog care support that went beyond the usual dog walking and puppy visiting services by incorporate reward-based training and socialization plans, for dogs at each stage of their life and with different temperaments.

Dogknows Central provides tried, tested and successful training that encompasses all aspects of the business.   Franchisees excel beyond their own expectations and, as well as building a successful business, they develop a zest to learn more about dogs.

So, as franchisees follow Dogknows methods and establish their business they accrue the skills required to progress onto our in-house ABTC accredited dog-training course. (  Even if they couldn’t imagine doing this when they started off, the opportunity is there for them when they are ready and with it come more services that can be offered to dogs and their owners.

Who Are We Looking for?

We are therefore looking for ambitious dog lovers who are excited by the idea of combining their passion for dogs with the challenge of developing their own business and reaping the rewards of both.

Happy Franchisees

Our franchisees know that life is too short to be stuck in a job that doesn’t excite them. They want a lifestyle change that gives them more. They are ready to learn and want to be part of our mission to raise industry standards and give dogs the best care.

Daily Life of a Franchisee

The first year of operation will be busy as franchisees establish and market their business locally.  They will put into place all their training and have regular coaching sessions with Dogknows Central.  As soon as they have a small round of dogs, further practical dog training will be given at their location and access is always available on the Dog Advice Helpline. The Dogknows business system makes scheduling and admin easy, leaving time to meet new customers and familiarize themselves with the local dog community.

This has been like a dream come true, says Sonia Carey’s who operates a Dogknows franchise in South-East London. “It’s really exciting to own my own business, and to be doing something I love. Some days I have to pinch myself so I know I’m not dreaming. I always knew from when I was small that I wanted to work with dogs. I grew up with dogs. My mother was blind so we had guide dogs. But somehow my career took a different turn. Then last year, after I turned 41, and had been doing the same office job for over twenty years, I began to rethink everything. I did consider setting myself up as a dog walker on my own, but the Dogknows franchise felt safer. Bobs is so experienced in her field, and the fact that she shares all her experience is one of the most exciting things about the franchise.”

A lot of people are very jealous of what I do now, says Gerry Casey who operates Dogknows Windsor & Eton franchise. “I have a much less stressful working day and I’m outside, seeing the sun and in control of my day.” I love working with dogs. It’s great to see how happy they are when they’re out and about on their walks. The happiness rubs off on you and it’s so rewarding. I’m much more content now that I ever was in an office job.

I’m immensely proud of the Dogknows brand and I feel fantastic when I get wonderful feedback, says Emma Millis from Dogknows Greenwich franchise. I get lovely comments about the quality of our service and we are noticed for doing things differently – it’s what we call ‘the Dogknows difference’ and our customers become very loyal to us. Dog owners are becoming more and more demanding and increasingly want skilled dog people looking after their dogs. I’m so pleased I attached myself to a company with strong animal welfare ethics and excellent knowledge of the industry.


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