Dolly Char

“I earned £1,000 today
while never leaving the comfort of my own home”

Packages starting from only £1295 Unbelievable? Then read on!
Dolly Char Franchise Opportunity.


Would you like:

  • Getting paid when you’re not working?
  • Earn the income you need and choose your own hours?
  • That new house, those dream holidays, and much more time for you and your loved ones?
  • To be satisfied and recognised running your own, successful business?
  • To create the life you’ve always wanted?

You can! With the proven, recession-proof Dolly Char business system you can take control and live the life you want, taking home a big salary, and choosing the hours that suit you.

Work for yourself, not someone else!

Where would you like to be in five years’ time? Where did you want to be by now, five years ago? Are you there yet?

Don’t spend another moment working for someone else, putting profits into their pockets instead of yours. Don’t waste another minute building someone else’s future instead of your own. Take control and enjoy all the benefits of running your own business, with none of the downsides.

Wait a moment, though… Dolly Char Franchise Opportunity

The Dolly Char business system has proved itself time and time again, but running your own business isn’t for everyone. Check yourself out against our six entrepreneurial character traits -how do you match up?

•You relish a good challenge
•You’re a people person, with strong communication skills
•You thrive on constantly learning and testing yourself
•You are organised basic computer skills
•Mistakes are life’s lessons, not something to hide
•You have the determination to achieve what you want in life

Did you answer yes to all six points? Great!

How does it work?

Dolly Char Franchise Opportunity Dolly Char is a Domestic Cleaning Management business. Let’s get something clear right away: you won’t be mopping floors, dusting surfaces or polishing woodwork. You’ll be all about the management of the business.

You’ll identify your customers’ needs and introduce them to the best cleaner to meet those needs. The customer will pay their cleaner directly, so there’s no payroll to manage, and will pay you a quarterly management fee.

You can earn almost £80,000 each year without having to worry about accounting for VAT.

You don’t need to hold any stock, and once you have built up a customer base sufficient to give you the earnings you want, you really can earn while sitting on the beach.

Sounds good? Get cracking!

Dolly Char’s unique Easy Start-up Process

Our business operating manual containing all of our trade secrets – a proven business system that you can set to work straight away.

  • On-going support and advice in areas such as administration and marketing
  • Access to the Dolly Char franchisee forum for day-to-day support
  • Franchisee conferences and other events

Dolly Char Franchise Opportunity On top of all that, once you’ve run your Dolly Char franchise for a year you’ll be able to become a member of the British Institute of Cleaning Science, boosting your credibility with customers and cleaners alike.

Despite all these benefits, you can invest in a Dolly Char franchise for just £6,995 (with no hidden costs or nasty surprises!)

Take the next step:

Don’t miss out

How long have you wanted to move to that bigger, better house? To spend less time at work and more time with the people you love? To take the family for that luxury holiday each year?

Don’t delay and risk someone else starting a Dolly Char franchise in your area and taking the profits that could be yours. Act NOW!


Find out more about Dolly Char by going to our website.

Dolly Char
Dolly Char

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