HOMECLEAN has been established as a domestic cleaning agency for more than 35 years providing clients thousands and thousands of tried and tested, trustworthy and reliable cleaners.  Having perfected their business model, HOMECLEAN began franchising in 2006 and now boast multiple offices across the United Kingdom.

Whilst many sectors are in decline, the residential cleaning market is incredibly robust.  In fact since the start of 2020, HOMECLEAN have seen a huge surge in demand for their services as consumers place even more emphasis on the importance of good domestic hygiene.  HOMECLEAN has a wide appeal, with our aging population needing additional help and support to keep their homes clean and tidy, whilst young professionals are increasingly working more hours and want to make the most of their leisure time by using cleaners to take care of the household chores.

Having spent more than 35 years at the top of their field, with 15 years of franchising experience under their belt, HOMECLEAN are perfectly placed to help driven and passionate franchise business owners to bring the HOMECLEAN brand to their local area by delivering a profitable cleaning business which is satisfying, enjoyable and of course profitable!

New franchisees benefit from an unhurried and comprehensive initial training package which is offered at a time to suit them and in a format best suited to their needs.  Franchisees have all the information that they require at their fingertips in the form of detailed Operating Manuals.  There is a very special custom built CRM system for franchisees to use which enables them to match clients and cleaners in just a couple of clicks.

Unlike some other franchisors, HOMECLEAN operate several territories themselves, which puts them in an ideal position to be able to support their franchise partners.  There is a dedicated UK based Franchise Support Team who are on hand to respond to queries and questions, as well as a fantastic network of existing franchisees who are available to support through our Franchisee Forum.

A HOMECLEAN Franchise is a management franchise, so you do not need to know anything about cleaning, as you will never need to do any of the cleaning yourself.  No previous experience is needed but you must be energetic and enthusiastic and have good communication and organisational skills.

In return for their dedication, HOMECLEAN franchisees will find that their new business can become profitable very quickly.  Our expectations are that revenue will be generated within the first month of signing contracts and the financial support provided ensures profitability from the outset.

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