Nationwide Cleaners

A profitable, home-based cleaning
franchise business with flexible hours
Money-back guarantee* – AFA member

Nationwide Cleaners, winner of the Best Cleaning Franchise 2016 and Best Domestic Cleaning and Ironing Franchise 2018, is offering you the opportunity to earn a fantastic living operating your own cleaning franchise.

This flexible, work from home management franchise in the home help industry is providing you with the chance to grow your business with low overheads and a full money back guarantee*. You never do any cleaning yourself, or supervise any cleaning.

Nationwide Cleaners offers you the chance to operate exclusively within a massive territory with a population of up to 400,000, so you have excellent earning potential and can make a fast start in growing your business from day one.

The company utilises a proven business system that has been operating since the late 1980s which affords its franchisees:

  • Good profit potential
  • Low overheads
  • No vehicles, premises or equipment are necessary


You work from home part-time or full-time. A call centre is available if you cannot answer phone calls.

95% of your income is automated with monthly direct debit payments from clients paying you in advance, so you do not have any cashflow problems or chase debt.

We have many excellent territories still available, so you have a good choice of the best areas, rather than poor-performing areas that no one else wanted! If you are determined and follow our tried and tested system for a cleaning franchise, receiving continuous support and guidance from us whenever you have questions, you will be successful.

Excellent training and support

After you have read the two detailed management manuals and the extensive documentation, your initial training will cover all your questions and how you should start up your business. A mailshot campaign undertaken by us generates your first enquiries within days of you commencing. After starting, you will be in contact with Peter, the MD, with further questions you have by phone, email or a visit.

After you have operated for several months, you should undertake extra training with the top franchisee in London who has 400 clients and he can show you how to copy his performance. The business is ready for you to run in your local area. You just follow the proven system, utilising all the training and support that you need.

Expansion potential

As a domestic cleaning franchise, based on having 100 regular clients with 2.2 hours a week each at £2.95/hour, your turnover would be £649/week, £2,812/month or £33,748/year. For 200 clients, it would be £1,298/week, £5,624/month or £67,496/year

Your net profit, after all expenses, should be at least 60%, so:

  • 100 clients would produce around £20,000 profit a year.
  • 200 clients would produce around £40,000 profit a year.
  • 300 clients would produce around £60,000 profit a year.


Some franchisees operating a very similar domestic cleaning company have reached 800 clients (after some years), so there are opportunities to build quite a sizeable business if you want to.

Alternatively, you may wish to keep it smaller, but this is your individual choice. With running a leaflet delivery firm alongside your cleaning firm, an additional £20,000 to £30,000 per year can be made with very little extra work, as you would have staff delivering your own cleaning leaflets anyway.

Joining us

You do not need any sales skills, as clients ring you when they are already interested and are ready to go ahead. It offers job security because you will have a large number of clients when established, so that you are not dangerously exposed to a handful of big clients cancelling or to one employer making you redundant!

With our system, training, guidance and support, you will possess a distinct advantage over other firms.

*Terms and conditions apply

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