Tubz Brands is the number one tower vending franchise in the UK, with over 300 franchisees. We are looking for new partners to help us expand across the UK, Ireland, and Europe.


The No. 1 Vending Tower Franchise Company in the UK

Tubz Brands is the leading vending tower franchise in the UK. Because of our success and experience, we specialise in helping new businesses to start up, and have put together one of the most comprehensive vending franchise and business start-up packages available.

As the original snack tower vending company in the UK and Ireland, we have a wealth of knowledge to draw on when helping new franchisees to set up. Our franchise opportunities suit people from all walks of life, whether you have been made redundant, are approaching or already in retirement, or are just looking for a new business venture to bring in some extra income. Our franchise is incredibly flexible, and can be run on a full time or part time basis, and requires such little storage space that it can be run from your home.

Why Choose Tubz Brands Vending?

A vending franchise is a versatile business to get into as it is cash rich, involves minimal staff, and requires little storage, all depending on how large or small you decide you want your business to be.

As there are no business rates to pay on your sites, which also have 24/7 operating capabilities, you will always see profits from your investment in the Tubz Brands franchise. If the location of your vending tower declines in popularity, you can easily pick up and move it elsewhere, meaning you can always make sure your tower gets plenty of footfall.

Tubz Brands’ great reputation comes from our highly successful franchise operations, which continue to ensure that we are the UK and Ireland’s number 1 vending tower of choice. Ours is a business concept which has proven it works well. Our customers see that they are getting a high-quality, affordable range of products.

Benefits of a Tubz Brands Vending Tower Franchise

  • No management, monthly or annual fees (which means you can expand into another area without paying additional fees).
  • No selling experience required.
  • Full training and ongoing support included in every package.
  • Highly profitable with low start-up costs.
  • Vending machine packages include agreed sites ready for your vending towers.
  • No hidden charges or additional costs.
  • Can be full time or part time.
  • 2 year guarantee on all new equipment.

Tubz Brands Business Bundles

We have designed our business bundles to ensure that your franchise brings in a healthy income for you from day one. Because you do not have to grapple with a complicated credit system, your business will always have a positive cash flow. Like a silent salesman, your vending towers give you access to customers twenty-four hours a day.

As each tower can hold nine different products, 81 individually vending for £1.00 each, you will have an excellent profit margin. As our business bundles ensure you own your own stock and equipment, you will have no need to waste funds on renting, and will see a visible return on your initial investment. With few expenses and overheads, and no premises or staffing costs, this franchise will prove to be a profitable endeavour from the word go.

Exclusive Product Ranges

Your franchise package will include stock from popular worldwide brands, which have instant recognition among customers and will quickly establish the high standard of the products you have on offer. We also have an exclusive Pringles dispenser and we recently launched our very own healthy snack tower. With our up-market tapas tower we truly have…

Something for everyone and something for every venue!

With our unique licensed products from our Candy Crush ‘twin Tub’, with a toy and sweets, to our very own Sqwishland world of interactive toys.
Join the Tubz partnership and be one jump ahead!

Become a Member of the Tubz Partnership

Tubz Brands are committed to securing the future of our vending machine franchisees. As such, we acquire site data for high profile locations and are successful in finding more than a thousand of these new locations each month for our franchisees.

We also provide our franchisees with market training and all of the equipment they will need to set up and run their vending machine business. This preparation and support ensures that they see cash income on their business from day one, without having to wait months to build up a client base.

Your Vending Franchise Package

  • A two-year guarantee on your equipment.
  • Dedicated customer manager.
  • Vending towers and floor stands.
  • Stock for your vending towers.
  • Site locations for your towers.
  • Branded product stickers & marketing.
  • Corporate clothing for you and your employees.
  • Full training package.
  • Ongoing support and advice.
  • 24/7 engineer support and advice online.
  • Free delivery.

Join the Tubz Brands Winning Formula

Because a dedicated customer service manager will be assigned to oversee your franchise, you will receive constant support and advice as needed from the start. Investing in a Tubz Brands franchise means that you will be joining the best vending machine opportunity on offer in the industry.

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