At TRUSTist we address two question for franchises:

1. How do I recruit new franchisees?

What We Do

We use the reviews, about what it is like to own a franchise with your company, left by your franchisees to get you stars in your organic Google search results for your franchise recruitment website/pages.

Why It Matters

People looking to buy a franchise in your sector will trust you immediately, click on your recruitment website/pages before your competitors’ recruitment website/pages, and be more likely to buy from you.

Review of TRUSTist from International Franchise Founder:

Rick Hellewell, founder of the Ovenu franchise in the UK and Australia, said this about us in a recent review:

2. How do my franchisees make more sales?

What We Do

We aggregate their customer reviews and testimonials from around the web and use this data to get stars in their organic Google search results for their location pages.

Why It Matters

Search results with stars receive significantly more clicks than those without.

More clicks=more enquiries=more sales.

Review of TRUSTist from Franchisee:

David Durham, Time For You Cleaning franchise owner said this about us:

Case Study – Locksmith Franchise

This case study of one of our locksmith franchise clients highlights the importance of collecting reviews, playing them back to Google, and having stars in your organic Google search results.  We compared the number of clicks from organic search and their click-through rate for the 4 full months they’d been a client with us (March 2018 – July 2018), with the same 4 months last year (March 2017 – July 2017):

By using TRUSTist they received an additional 1,300 clicks and their click-through rate increased by 616%! 

Other Benefits of Using TRUSTist

  • The quality and quantity of reviews is an important ranking factor in organic search, so our code also displays your most recent reviews back to Google. This ensures that Google can see that your franchisees are proactively collecting reviews from their local customers
  • We enable you to manually or automatically post about your reviews on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Google Posts to amplify the value of your reviews and keep your social media pages active
  • We enable you to collect reviews via email, via your website, or face-to-face to ensure that the content on your website is constantly updated and you build trust with your potential customers

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